Kingston Centre for Independent Living believes that volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. KCIL volunteers add value to the role we play in the community by bringing a variety of abilities and knowledge that complements our services and helps us to achieve our aims.

Volunteering with KCIL is a great way to make a difference in the community by empowering disabled people to be more independent and give them the freedom to control their life circumstances.

Volunteering with KCIL also improves your life by

  • increasing your self-esteem,
  • enabling you to make new friends,
  • enhancing your CV,
  • developing new and existing skills,
  • building your confidence,
  • creating more fun in your life,
  • improving your health,
  • boosting career options,
  • Increasing your life experience.

This is what our volunteers have to say:

"I have been volunteering at KCIL for over 5 years.  During my time here I have been given a rich and varied workload, including working on the newsletter and mailing it out, database work for the support brokerage network, some KCIL website-based work and the designing of leaflets.  The best things about volunteering at KCIL have been the friendly staff, interesting work and the regular appearance of chocolate brownies.  It has given me routine and I believe has improved my mental health significantly."

James Yule

"I have been working voluntarily for KCIL since 2011.  I am an independent living wheelchair user, having found KCIL to be incredibly useful.  I have also been able to offer some of my skills in return.  I have graduated in 3D and 2D design in the past decade, soon followed by a road cycling accident, 6-month coma, and a life-threatening 'Traumatic Acquired Brain Injury'.  I progressed successfully through hospitals and rehabilitation homes.  Currently, I manage to offer my design skills to KCIL, voluntarily creating flyers, posters and designing the newsletters."

Patrick Goodacre


Current Volunteering Roles


We are looking for volunteers to serve as Trustees of KCIL who can demonstrate the following skills, abilities and personal qualities:

  • An understanding and appreciation of the role of Trustee and the desire and ability to take part in committee work.

  • The ability to work as part of a team.

  • Be able to act in the interests of KCIL and not in the interests of one particular group and to reach objective and independent decisions.

  • An understanding of disability and the effects of living with it, together with an appreciation of the work of KCIL.

  • A commitment to the Social Model of disability, inclusion and equal opportunities.

  • The ability to think creatively and clearly.

In addition to the above, KCIL is seeking to recruit Trustees, where possible, with one or more of the following desirable skills, abilities of experiences:

  • Personal experience of disability;
  • Campaigning;
  • Fundraising;
  • PR/Marketing

For an informal chat about this role, please contact Jan on 020 8546 9603 or email jan.eastaff@kcil.org.uk.

Community Fundraisers and Ambassadors

We are looking for up to 6 people to help us raise our profile within the Royal Borough of Kingston and to raise additional funds through assisting at and organising community events.  This would be a great opportunity for someone who has previous experience in this field or for someone who has great ideas, enthusiasm and local knowledge. The time commitment is flexible but we would ask that you live in the Borough.

For an informal chat and more information about these roles, please contact Jan on 020 8546 9603 or email jan.eastaff@kcil.org.uk.

KCIL currently has a range of other volunteering opportunities. Please contact Joanna on 020 8481 1442 to discuss or email joanna.alesky@kcil.org.uk.