Support Brokerage

As of September 2014 families and young people with Special Educational Needs are able to request a Personal Budget. The Personal Budget is comprised of education, health and social care elements and families now have the opportunity to formally request a budget with a view to redistributing funds to better meet the needs of the child or young person.

KCIL is currently offering a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Brokerage Service across Richmond and Kingston.  We have brokers available to support families to broker their budget and develop a support plan. We will also support with implementation and employment support.

If you have any queries please email Lisa on


Our SEND broker has recently reviewed the personal budget of Lia, one of the original young people who took part in our pilot in 2014. Lia’s family were receiving a direct payment from the local authority but when we first met them they didn’t feel this was working very well. They were struggling to find a worker to take Lia out for the 3 hours a week they were allocated and felt their daughter would have her social needs better met if she were able to engage with young people her own age.

KCIL worked with the family to submit a plan to panel where Lia engaged in a theatre group and arts and crafts sessions. Lia now attends sessions with her school friends and meets new faces outside of school. The theatre sessions are supporting her with her vocal projection and pronunciation and pottery sessions have supported her to work on her fine motor skills and on her joints.

The family are still able to receive the break that the DP was provided for and now Lia is attending groups she is enjoying. Lia is even looking to pick up a musical instrument when the plan is reviewed in the future!