Personalised Support

Personalised support is often called 'self-directed support', as it is support which is directed, or managed, by the individual rather than by the Council, a family member or anyone else. Self-directed support is essential for independent living, as it enables disabled people to control their own lives and make the kinds of choices that non-disabled people take for granted.

Both personal budgets and direct payments are methods of self-directed support which enable the individual to decide how their support needs will be met.

A direct payment is a cash payment for social care from the local authority.

Instead of getting services organised by Community Care Services, you'll be offered money to do this yourself.

If you qualify for the scheme on an on-going basis, you can use the money to get out and about, buy equipment, or to employ your own staff of 'personal assistants' (or 'PAs' for short) who will assist and support you as you require.

You'll decide who you have as personal assistants, what tasks are carried out, how these tasks are completed, and when they take place.

You'll benefit from having personal control and choice over how you use your direct payment.

A personal budget can be a cash payment, or arranged services, or a combination of both.

A Personal Budget is designed to provide individuals who currently receive services greater choice and control over their support arrangements. Personal Budgets open up the range and availability of services to match needs, and will stimulate the market to respond to new demands from users. This approach has led to a radical change to the way services are organised and delivered, which has helped to shift resources away from building and budget-led services that do not meet needs or expectations.

KCIL currently supports people who receive personal budgets from Social Services and we are now providing support for the Personal Health Budgets pilot being run by the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group.

For more information about obtaining a personal budget from Adult Social Care in Kingston click this link: