Holiday, Equipment and Educational Grants


We are delighted to announce that at a recent Board meeting a decision was taken that KCIL would fund not only Holiday Grants but Equipment and Educational grants, whilst seeking other, external, funding so that the Grants Scheme becomes sustainable.

The new funding is very restricted and people will be asked to complete an application form and provide evidence of the cost for each of the grants . Each application will be considered on a person’s individual circumstances. There will be a maximum amount that can be awarded and this will differ depending on which type of grant you are applying for.

In brief, this criteria will apply to all of the grants: 

You should be aged over 18 and living in Kingston borough and have a long term and substantial illness and/or impairment that is likely to last – or has lasted - twelve months or more, which severely affects daily life. “Impairment” includes people with mobility and sensory impairments, learning disabilities, communication and mental health difficulties and other, non-evident impairments. Applications will be considered by a grants panel once a month. You will also need to be a member of KCIL in  order to be eligible for these grants. Full details can be found below.

You can download and print the criteria and application forms from the attachments