To have or not to have - a Personal Assistant

Finding and actually employing a PA with all its complications, let alone all the paperwork, is a daunting task which can make one feel, "I can't be bothered." This I found not to be the case.

Armed with a list of names of possible PAs from the PA Register, I set about on a mission, with my telephone in hand, to find myself my very own PA.

To my amazement, the second person I rang sounded very interested in having the job, so we arranged a meeting at my home the next week and I sent her the relevant paperwork to complete about what the job entailed together with her personal details.

My Bulgarian angel arrived at our appointment bearing gifts of flowers and chocolates (part of her customary culture - suits me, I thought!). I instantly took to her (not because of the gifts!) and offered her the job. I now had to open up a separate bank account from which I could pay her by cheque or cash with funds paid in by KCIL. I now have a second Bulgarian angel working for me in the mornings - my hiring skills as an employer were better than I'd thought.

Working out how much to pay my PAs is simple, as you have a pay scale to refer to, and filling out time sheets is a doddle. I say all of this with hindsight, but have to admit that, at first, I was on the phone to the super helpful team at KCIL every day to make sure I was doing things correctly, and they didn't mind one bit.

So these two angels, my PAs, have transformed my dusty house, my weary husband and me. We have shopping outings to do all the "girly things" and my family has been treated to tasty rustic Bulgarian food.

I cannot praise the Direct Payments Scheme enough - it has changed me, and my family's life, for the better, and given me two very dear new friends.

All I can say now is - if you're thinking of joining the scheme, go for it..!