Disability-related equipment grants

Since June 2016 KCIL has self-funded it's own disability-related equipment grants scheme. We recognise that purchasing daily living equipment, which is not supplied by the NHS, can be beyond the expense of many disabled people.

In order to support our members and users, we have set aside an amount from our reserves.  People can apply by completing an application form and submitting it to our Grants Panel for consideration. The Grants panel will convene once a month. Applicants will have to show need for the particular equipment they wish to purchase and also illustrate why there is a financial need e.g. benefits are their only income.

The equipment can be anything from walking aids to sight aids or simple daily living equipment such as an electric can opener for people with arthritis or other limb restrictions. .We would not normally consider applications for 'white goods', such as refrigerators and washing machines.

You can download the application form under the 'attachments' below or alternatively, call Robert Reilly on 020 8546 9603 to request an application form or discuss the process of applying. N.B. Please note we cannot support retrospective applications.e.g. where you have already purchased the equipment in advance of applying for a grant.

Journey to the Paralympics

‚ÄčTeam GB Paralympic sprinter and World Junior Gold Medalist 100m, Souleyman Bah, wanted to record his journey to the 2020 Paralympics.  KCIL was delighted to support Souleyman with an equipment grant to enable him to purchase a camcorder.  We look forward to following Souleyman's journey and sharing it with you.

Grant makes a huge positive change!

I was recently awarded a grant from Kingston Centre for Independent Living towards the cost of a high-seated chair. I have two long term illnesses which affect me differently: from day to day or hour to hour, the most comfortable place for me to be is to lie on my bed; then I need to be up and moving as the pain and pressure increases too much. Over the years I have gone through many different styles of chair in our sitting room, but as time goes by, my condition has changed and has very much limited the time I am able to sit and spend time with those close to me.

Thanks to the grant, I was able to choose a good quality chair that has been approved by The British Association of Occupational Therapists and I will be able to share more time with family and friends.  This will be a huge positive change, and help me to be more independent and more sociable than I have been in the past.

Thank you KCIL for these grants that can make a real difference to the lives of disabled people in Kingston.